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Your membership gives you personal access to expert speakers and other guests at the highest levels of business and government during the regular events we organise at some of London’s most prestigious venues.

Network at the right level

If you want to expand your business internationally, you have to network with people who work internationally and can advise you about responsible and secure trading around the world.

Access to resources

Members gain access to our events management services and resources designed to support our members as they pursue international business opportunities.

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How your business could benefit from joining Argosy Events

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Commonwealth Argosy Events Ltd was first established in London in 2015 and we host our events for members at a variety of central London venues such as the Institute of Directors, the Science Museum and the Cavalry & Guards Club.

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Even in London it is hard to find like-minded can-do people with an appetite to create an international dimension to their business. We bring together ambitious business leaders to network and explore opportunities together.

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As Commonwealth Argosy Events Ltd, part of the Commonwealth Argosy Group, we have a specifically Commonwealth dimension to our international interests. We are apolitical and concentrate on helping our members generate international business leads.

Networking is simply meeting new friends and contacts

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individuals and sole traders

Taking any step toward business abroad can be frightening for someone in business by him or herself. Many of the founders and members of Commonwealth Argosy Events Ltd have been in this position and are able to offer support and encouragement for sole traders and individuals to find the right leads and projects to suit their strategic needs.

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small and medium enterprises

So many government and international agencies talk about SMEs but most of them aren’t sure how deal to deal with smaller businesses who are seeking credible trading partners in other countries. Commonwealth Argosy Events Ltd has SME experience in the UK and in other Commonwealth countries, and we actively seek and encourage further business leads and commercial links, both inward and outward.

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corporate enterprises

Corporate enterprises can lose opportunities when they are deemed too small or too risky. For business leads and projects that are marginal or on the cusp of being acceptable, we can offer our experience to both parties to help reach an understanding. We also try to match-make between potential commercial partners in different countries who may be mismatched in size but not in expertise and suitability.

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What our members and guests say

  • “It is not just pretty faces. This group is definitely five stars! ”

    Laura Charette Videographer
  • “Impressed by the venues and the good speakers. I look forward to coming.”

    Peter Groves 3Deal Ltd
  • “Best networking group I have worked with in five years in London. I've met good like-minded people.”

    David P Project You
  • It was a very enjoyable evening; great atmosphere and very welcoming hosts.

    Cameron Norris International Community Connector

Calendar Highlight

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With a clear Africa theme and a very well-regarded keynote speaker, senior representatives of business and government, and Zulu dancers all at a prestigious central London venue, our September event promises to be an unforgettable occasion. Read More

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