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The Expert Network for the Commonwealth

Argosy is an expert network through our varied and growing international membership at every level of business from Sole Trader to SME to Enterprise level. When you become a member you can meet the right people at the right level.

Advertising and Marketing Support

Members qualify for features and advertorials on the Argosy Events website, and in the various events, newsletters and other marketing activities we run. This means even small businesses can enhance their visibility around the world.

Receptions at Prestigious Venues

With our extensive contacts in London and around the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, we organise regular events at some prestigious venues. Moreover, we actively encourage our members to host their own events at these venues to invite their own contacts and clients.

Resource Library

Thanks to our own expertise and our strategic partnerships with organisations such as Commonwealth Exchange, we’re able to offer members many valuable resources such as country trade guides and resilience advice.

Interest Groups

We exist to help our members grow their businesses. To do this we help our members set up Interest Groups for their own sectors, such as TRAID for the Aid and International Development communities. This way they can host their own events and shape their business connections.

Variety of Opportunities

We pride ourselves in offering a variety of opportunities to our members. There are opportunities to attend regular events to meet influential speakers and experts. There are funding opportunities, business opportunities and even opportunities to hold your own events.

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