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Values of the Commonwealth
We take our values from the Commonwealth Charter
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Access to Experts and Influencers
Access to Experts and Influencers

Your membership gives you personal access to expert speakers and other guests at the highest levels of business and government during the regular events we hold at some of London’s most prestigious venues.

Network at the right level
Network at the right level

If you want to expand your business internationally, you have to network with people who work internationally and can advise you with responsible and secure trading around the world.

Access to resource library
Access to resource library

Members gain access to our events management services and resource library for guides, articles and white papers on all aspects of international business written by leading experts.

International Trade Opportunities
International Trade Opportunities

We’re passionate about helping your business to grow internationally. You need trust, reassurance and contacts. We provide opportunities for sole traders and SMEs to become international.

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Read the team’s full biographies here…

  • Peter Lindsay
    Peter Lindsay Director
  • Neville Gaunt
    Neville Gaunt Director
  • Bernie Meredith
    Bernie Meredith Chief Executive
  • Alistair Wood LVO, MBE
    Alistair Wood LVO, MBE Chairman
  • Neil Collins
    Neil Collins Membership Manager
  • Mark Goldfinch
    Mark Goldfinch Marketing Manager
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We are a prestigious networking club focused on international business growth through the Commonwealth

We help businesses of all sizes grow by winning secure and responsible international contracts

Whatever your business size you can get access to secure international contracts. Whether you’re a large or medium corporate, or even a small business or sole trader, we at Argosy aim to give you the right contacts and resources to expand your business internationally with confidence. International contracts do exist in developing markets that do not discriminate by size and are accessible to small traders. With our international Commonwealth links we are a private business club founded as a commercial initiative. We are exclusive but not elitist; commercial not political; and free traders by instinct. Come and join us today.

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