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  1. These Terms and Conditions relate to the appointment of (enter person/organisation name) as a Member of the Argosy Club (‘the Club’).
  2. ‘The Club’ is a proprietary members club owned by Commonwealth Argosy Events Ltd.
  3. In becoming a Member of the Argosy Club you automatically agree to accept these terms and conditions, which include the handling of your personal information in accordance with the Data Protection Act


  1. The requirements for membership are:
    1. For an individual membership the candidate must be a citizen of a Commonwealth member country, overseas territory, or dependency, or
    2. Hold a valid permit to reside or work within a Commonwealth member country.
    3. For a corporate or organisational member the applicant must be a legal entity or formally registered as a ‘business’ or ‘not for profit’ entity with corporate, revenue or charitable regulatory authorities within a Commonwealth member country.  Sole Traders will be accepted as a legal entity.
    4. All individual candidates, and nominated individuals from corporate and organisational memberships must be over 18.
    5. No individual under any membership category is eligible for membership if they are subject to any disqualification from a professional body or by a court of law from holding office, or have been convicted in any court of any criminal offence for which a custodial sentence is or is capable of being imposed, if that sentence has not been considered served under   any rehabilitation of offenders legislation.


  1. Membership is registered and managed in the UK and is governed by the law of England and Wales.
  2. Applications will need to be approved by Commonwealth Argosy Events Ltd. Nominations and applications may be subject to due diligence and in joining the Argosy Club you are agreeing to Commonwealth Argosy Events Ltd conducting due diligence on you, or your business based on the information supplied on the application form.
  3. Members will not be permitted to use membership as a platform for political activity.
  4. The decision of Commonwealth Argosy Events Ltd on membership applications to the Argosy Club is final.


  1. As a Commonwealth Argosy Events Ltd members you will receive a wide range of benefits which will typically include:
    1. Invitations to exclusive networking events held at prestigious venues
    1. An onboarding session with one of the Club’s Executive Team
    1. An opportunity to be part of or lead a Special Interest Group
    1. Actively working with other members and the Club’s Executive Team to identify and develop international business opportunities
    1. Discounts on other member products or services
    1. Free or discounted invitations to other Argosy Group events
  1. Commonwealth Argosy Events Ltd reserves the right to amend, add or remove Membership features and benefits periodically however will advise Members in advance of any significant changes.


  1. Payment of the subscription is to be made to Commonwealth Argosy Events Ltd either:
    1. In full at the time of application by BACS transfer or cheque
    2. By monthly standing order in 10 equal instalments. If paying by monthly standing order a Standing Order Mandate must be completed and submitted along with the Membership Application Form
  2. All UK Membership fees are to be paid in Sterling. If for any reason a Member can only pay in local currency the inter-bank exchange rate on the day of payment will be used, and any additional charges for the transaction, (eg. exchange charges, fees, commission, or taxes) will be payable by the applicant.

12. If Membership is not granted (and Commonwealth Argosy Events Ltd reserves the absolute right to grant or refuse Membership) the subscription will be refunded in full, but without interest, within seven days of the notification of an unsuccessful application.

13. No element of a Membership subscription is refundable after 28 days from election as a Member. This includes Members who have chosen to pay by monthly Standing Order whereby they will be expected to continue payments even if they choose to leave Commonwealth Argosy Events Ltd within their membership term.

14. Commonwealth Argosy Events Ltd reserves the right to cancel a membership should a member contravene the Commonwealth Charter values.

15. Commonwealth Argosy Events reserves the right to increase the membership subscriptions on an annual basis however all members will be advised in advance of any fee increases.


  1. Membership Fees entitle the applicant to 12 months membership of the Argosy Club.
  2. During this period a membership cannot be transferred, cancelled or deferred.


  1. Discretion and integrity are fundamental to Commonwealth Argosy values. All members agree to allow the Commonwealth Argosy Group to hold personal and professional data supplied.
  2. The Commonwealth Argosy Group undertake not to pass on any information supplied by a member in the course of their application or membership period to any third party, save as required by law, without the members permission to do so.


  1. Complaints in the first instance are to be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer for Commonwealth Argosy Events Ltd. These should be supplied in writing to The Chief Executive Officer, Commonwealth Argosy Events Ltd, 120 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5EA


  1. Members of Commonwealth Argosy Events Ltd are solely responsible for how they interact with other members within the networking services provided.
  2. Commonwealth Argosy Events Ltd.’s liability does not extend to any economic loss, loss of goodwill, reputation or consequential loss due to any dealings or business relationships arising as a result of membership.
  3. It may be necessary from time to time to update these Terms and Conditions. Any amended Terms and Conditions will be posted on the Commonwealth Argosy Events website and continued use of the Membership services will represent acceptance by the member of the updated Terms and Conditions.

Date : 4th November 2015

Version : 1.4

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